How does Singapore Post take the Ecommerce opportunity in SEA?

I got invitation to attend eTail Asia 2014 in Singapore last week and I immersed myself into the Singapore Ecommerce tech people and environment although it’s just a couple of days. I found many interesting things in Singapore and one is Singapore Post that taking big opportunities of Ecommerce in SEA very interestingly.


Singapore Post (SingPost) in my imagination is a government-owned organization running in a conservative way just like what I experience in Thailand with Thailand Post, not much innovation. In the eTail event, SingPost exhibited its Ecommerce Solutions there and it amazed me some how. Let’s see how Singapore Post takes the Ecommerce opportunity in SEA from my view.

  1. SingPost is privately-run instead of running by government. I think this one of the major reasons that drives the company to change and adapt fast!
  2. SingPost is really serious about Ecommerce in SEA. The company has its new business unit called SP eCommerce.
  3. SingPost is an Ecommere Enabler having 12 warehouses that can help Brands selling their products to SEA consumers without much expertise. Yes, it’s competing directly with aCommerce. Its current clients are big brands like Adidas, Quick Silver, and Toshiba.
  4. SingPost has its own Multi-Brand Ecommerce and the site looks professional and nicely designed,
  5. SingPost just sold its luxury brand online store to Reebonz so that the company can focus on helping businesses to do Ecommerce rather than selling to consumers themselves. SingPost is more like a Startup not a big brother who walk slowly.
  6. SingPost has PopStation which is a locker cluster for senders to store parcels and receivers to collect their parcels easily 24/7, no need to worry no one waits to collect your parcels at home.

How Thailand can learn from this? We should help Thailand Post to go faster and in the right direction. Singapore want to be a hub for any countries that want to tap opportunities in this region. We as Thai people should contribute some how to drive Thailand Ecommerce further and help motivate foreign investment / funding going more into Thailand Startup communities!


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