Little Bit of What I learned from Dave McClure and Khailee Ng (500 Startups) #500strong

Hi Dave and Khailee, I ran into your presentations from time to time in several events and I always learned a thing or two from you two. Yeah one of that it’s how we greet Dave McClure in a #500strong way… Hi Dave F… YOU! LOL 😀 Today I went to Geeks on a Plane‘s welcoming event at S31 Hotel. Thanks Aim Hubba for invitation. You were such a great MC as always.

OK. So let’s note of what I learn from Dave and Khailee here from time to time.





Khailee Ng: To create more Southeast Asian success stories. New founders need to wake up to a few things:

  1. Do you have a Shit Hole State of Mind OR a Silicon Valley State of Mind?
  2. DO WHATEVER IT TAKES [to get the jobs/things/shits DONE!]
  3. Execute at the Speed of the Internet

2014-07-18 17.42.07


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